Brunel Class

Brunel Class is taught by Miss Gough.

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This term our topic is "ID". We will be learning about identity and what makes you who you are. To start off the topic we looked at the objects in "mystery bags" We discussed what the objects might tell us about the identity of the owner of the bag.

Last term we wrote fairy tales. Some of them were based on well-known tales and some were completely original.
Here are some examples of our writing.

Click here for The Courageous Prince
Click here for The Gingerbread Dog
Click here for The Heroic Penguin

Year Six Residential - Magdalen Farm
On 20th October Year Six set off on our residential visit to Magdalen Farm. We spent four days exploring the farm, visiting the animals and learning about sustainability and bio-diversity. We found interesting creatures under logs and rocks and tried some new foods that some of us had never heard of before! We used pedal power to make fruit smoothies (which were delicious) and used our teamwork skills to solve problems and complete activities. All in all it was a fantastic trip and everyone returned to school exhausted but happy! 

Brunel & Redgrave Collaboration

Brunel(Year 6) and Redgrave(FS2) worked together to produce work for a display about “The Black death”. Brunel pupils helped Redgrave pupils to develop their creative skills as well as their communication and language skills, in doing so, they developed their teaching and explanation skills. All developed their social skills and began to foster the good relationships we value highly at Holbrook. 

Peasants, Princes and Pestilence

To introduce us to our new topic we had a dead body to look at! (Don’t worry, it wasn’t real!) We tried to work out how he had died by looking for clues on the body. We came up with some brilliant suggestions but eventually we found out that he had died of the Plague, otherwise known as The Black Death! This disease killed a lot of people in the 14th Century.


Once we had learnt a bit more about the Black Death (Plague). We found out how far across the world it had spread. We were interested to discover that it started in China and spread across Europe, as well as parts of Africa.

In DT we learned about William Caxton who introduced the first printing press to England in the 1400s. We experimented with creating our own printing blocks out of potatoes, string and straws. Which do you think was the most effective?

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