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Brunel Class is taught by Miss Gough.

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Brunel Drama

Brunel pupils have been using drama to improve their writing.  In preparation for their newspaper stories about an accident at a theme park, everyone acted out the scenario in two groups.  One group took on the role of newspaper reporters while others acted out an incident that had serious consequences for some of the participants!

As part of our work on Anne Frank, we tried to imagine a typical day for her hiding in the secret annexe. We wrote recounts and attempted to adopt her style, including writing to "Kitty" who she addressed alll of her diary entries to (Kitty was a friend from school who had previously moved away). This is Daniel's diary entry.

Dear Kitty,
Today I woke up to a cluster of bombs exploding around me. I didn’t get much sleep last night due to all the thoughts going around my head. Most of the thoughts were me thinking that every day we could be found and killed. I do praise us for our decision to go into hiding.
The Van Pels ate with us at breakfast. Mr Van Pels made a funny joke about politics but except for that breakfast was horrible. As I laughed about the joke suddenly stopped as I remembered we could get found. I suddenly felt a surge of panic and ran quietly back to my room.
At 10:45 I was listening out for the workmen and when I was alerted that they were here I went silent. I desperately reached out for my diary to escape from the ruthless war. I picked it up and read through it. A tear dropped as I saw the page where I moved from Germany to the Netherlands.
At lunch I met mother, Margot and the Van Pels’. As I sat down I saw Peter scowl at me as if I’m from the Axis. He hates me! The small dining table does not help recent events. The food was atrocious. I had two pieces of bread and that’s it!
At 7 o’clock we were reading old newspapers that were talking about the war ending but I don’t believe that. There is hope though. Sometimes I think reading is the only thing we have. We can’t play games or inhale fresh air, we can just read. Sometimes being in here makes me feel a bit claustrophobic which, as you can imagine, is not nice!
At dinner I was nearly trampled on as I fell over and at the last second Peter went around me. I hate Peter because when I am a bit clumsy he will suddenly call me and idiot which I find offensive. He calls me: idiot, stupid, dumb and a pussy cat! How would you feel if he did it to you? I feel depressed. Dinner was horrible as always.
I was sent to bed an hour ago but I can’t get to sleep as I hear bombs crashing down around me. I will have to say goodbye to you now and try to go to sleep. I have to hope we will live!

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Anne Frank

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