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Darwin class is taught by Miss Thackray

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Today we had became Street Detectives and learnt more about our town! First we went to Trowbridge Museum where we did a variety of activities including trying out some of the old fashioned ways of making cloth, looking at maps and photographs to see how Trowbridge has changed over the years and learning about what jobs we might have had if we worked in the factory in the past! After a lovely lunch in Trowbridge park we also went to St James' Parish Church. Here we found out about Trowbridge's history in the graveyard. We also learnt about the parts of the church and had a chance to design our own stained glass window. What a fantastic day out! Thanks to all the parents who came with us.

As our parents and carers will know, Year 1 and 2 have been working really hard on our phones this year. This week we have been particularly impressed by Jayden Newman from Darwin and Riley Elliot from Nightingale as they are starting to apply their sounds when writing sentences. Well done boys, keep up the good work!

Today we did a treasure hunt to find out all about our new topic!

We found lots of letters with clues on the back.

We got the letters together, worked out the clues and realised they spelt...

In our new topic 'Street Detectives' we will act like detectives by trying to find out lots about our hometown of Trowbridge.

We had an exciting time finding this out and look forward to finding out where our detective work will take us next!

This Friday we had parents and grandparents in to share a celebration of our 'Planting a Rainbow' topic. With their help we dug the flower beds ready for planting in the summer and planted some tomato seeds in pots. We also enjoyed sharing some topic books and designing our own rainforest plant. We shared with the parents some fantastic facts about plants and what they need to grow. What a lovely afternoon we had! Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came in and shared it with us.

Well done to our wonderful Year 2s for all their hard work during SATs this week, we are so proud of you!

We went on a hunt to see what plants we could find at Holbrook! We found lots of wild plants including nettles, daisies, grass, and buttercups and also managed to identify some of the one that have been planted at Holbrook. Well done to Grace and Alex who won a prize for finding the most plants!

This morning Miss Smith did an assembly on Yoga and taught us some different yoga poses. We then got a chance to try them out in PE and showed how flexible we are. Check out some of our amazing poses!

After a brilliant term where we worked SO hard we had a well deserved treat in the form of an Easter Egg Hunt! We found lots of shiny, tasty chocolate eggs. Happy Easter everyone!

We had a fantastic trip to Trowbridge Garden Centre today where we were able to see a variety of plants and seeds and learn about the ways plants vary. We thought about what plants look, smell and feel like and which plants are edible. We had a great time, thank you to all the adults to helped!

Beegu has landed!
This week we had an exciting launch to our topic when we discovered that the alien Beegu had crash landed in our playground and left a trail of alien words to help us find her. We had to find all the words with our partner and sound them out. 
The clues led us into Darwin class where we found Beegu's hoop and then found Beegu! Beegu had brought a present for us which was very yummy! We are looking forward to Beegu helping us discover more about our 'Moon Zoom' topic.

On Thursday we enjoyed our trip to Trowbridge Library! We looked around the library and listened to some really funny and exciting stories which made us laugh a lot. We got quite tired on the walk back but it was well worth it as not only did we have a great time but we each got 3 stamps on our loyalty cards! Lots of us are now hoping to visit the library with our families to fill up our cards so we can be the class to win the Roald Dahl themed chocolate party. Thank you to all the parents and LSAs who made this trip possible by coming with us! 

We had an exciting (if a bit messy!) start to our Muck, Mess and Mixtures topic when we were able explore a range of mixtures, from making magic potions with different liquids to exploring the properties of play dough, crazy foam and bubble mixture. We have also been reading the story of George's Marvellous Medicine and thinking about what we would put in our own marvellous medicines!

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