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Darwin class is taught by Mr Percy

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Science in Year 2

In Year 2 we have been learning about lifecycles. We have 'grown' our own butterflies in the classroom and eventually released them out onto the school field this week.

Planting & Growing in Year 2

We have been harvesting our garlic we planted back in October. This will become delicious garlic bread next week!

Planting Peas

We were planting peas today and it made us all very hap-pea!

Launch of our new topic 'A Bug's Life'

All pupils started our new topic by creating a bug for our incredible tree of bugs. Miss Callan has especially enjoyed getting the whole thing to remain in one piece as it spans across both cloakrooms. We are all looking forward to exploring the wonderful world from a bug's eye view!

Welcome to BLOCK FOUR. This topic will be over a BLOCK of 10 weeks which will finish the academic year in July. For this wonderful topic we will be shrinking right down and taking a ‘bug’s eye’ view of the world around us. Grab your coat and mini nets – we’re going out and about on a minibeast hunt!

New Froggy Friends at Holbrook!

We have been welcoming new friends into Darwin and Nightingale classes this week as our tadpoles are turning into froglets! Each day one or two of our little froggy friends are making their way out into the wide world as they are taken to live in ponds within the local area. The children have really enjoyed watching the life cycle happen within the classroom.

We finished our 'Land Ahoy!' topic with a fantastic celebration afternoon with parents and carers. The children designed pirate flags and performed a song and dance. During the afternoon, they were also challenged to walk the plank while being soaked by staff using water pistols!  
"Hoist the jolly roger and a pirate we shall be!"

Darwin & Nightingale visit the SS Great Britain

On Wednesday, we visited the SS Great Britain in Bristol. All the children took part in a range of activities including learning about Victorian pastimes aboard the ship and life on a 60 day voyage to Australia!


New Friends in Year 2
We have some new friends in Year 2 ready for Spring. Our frogspawn has hatched and we are now proud 'parents' of 15 tadpoles. We are all going to learn about life cycles and hope to see some of them reach froglet stage (yes, that is the correct term!)

Science Week
We have been exploring sound this week and making our own show box guitars to bring out the hidden rock star legend in us all!


Land Ahoy!

Darwin class have been making some wonderful boats to sail on the open seas! Set the sail and off we go...

World Book Day 2018
Pupils in Darwin and Nightingale classes dressed up as characters from the two books we are studying this term: 'The Night Pirates' by Peter Harris and Debora Allwright
                   'Able Seacat Simon' by Lynne Barrett-lee
Fantastic costumes from cats to pirates and Jolly Rogers to full pirate ships! Very well done and
'Land Ahoy me Hearties!'

Our NEW topic for Block 3 is 'Land Ahoy!'

Our Class Garden

Darwin and Nightingale have created a shaded garden full of ferns, ornamental grasses and other shade loving plants. The pupils made rainbow stones, painted pots and up-cycled some old wellie boots to make creative flower pots.  

We bounced different balls on the playground, filmed them and slowed them down many times. Watch how it squashes as it hits the floor. Wow!
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Here are the links to the songs your child is learning for this year's nativity play 'A Gift'. The words have been sent home so you can sing them around the house! If you need copies of the words, please come in and ask.




Our topic for Block 2 is BOUNCE!

How far can a ball bounce? What makes bouncy castles so bouncy? Where do Kangaroos live? Can you make a bouncy ball in Science? Could you make bubbles that bounce? Who was Beatrix Potter?
Let's all find out...

Paddington visited Darwin and Nightingale classes today with a suitcase containing a secret! We discovered an orange, wooden spoon, sugar and a recipe for marmalade. All children helped to make a big batch of marmalade which we then tried on bread in the afternoon. Yum!

We are learning about Samuel Pepys and The Great Fire of London.

In this week's Science, we peeked in the snail habitats we made and left out in the school grounds last week. Look what we discovered!

We have been discussing what makes us proud in Darwin class. We then made a 'Proud Cloud' with all our ideas!

This term, our assemblies are all about PRIDE. Look at this writing from Year 2 that we are all very proud of!
A newspaper front page and poetry about the Great Fire of London.

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