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Kingsley Class is taught by Miss Blake

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Over the past few weeks Reception have been celebrating and remembering special people and times of the year.  Many of us have discovered our creative flair and experimented with new mediums.

Reception have been learning about 2D shapes.  We went on a shape hunt around the school to see what 2D shapes we could find in our environment.  What shapes can you see?

In PE, Reception have been exploring the different shapes their body can make.  We had tall, flat, wide and long shapes.  We even worked with a partner to create new shapes together.  There was a lot of creativity and some very good balancing on display

On Friday morning Reception found out how dirty their hands really are.  Using the hand washing kit we could see the germs on our hands and toys and how easily these can spread.  We learnt how to wash our hands properly in a bid to prevent the spread of those pesky germs.

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Kingsley Library Visit

Reception have made a super start to Holbrook!  Here are just a few pictures of the things we have been up to and exploring in our first few weeks.

This week Reception had their first PE lesson.  We learnt how to find a space and moved around the hall in different ways whilst listening to instructions.  Changing was a success, with no items of clothing lost . . . so far!

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