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A big thank you to all parents/carers who came to our very hot and sunny ‘Holbrook at the seaside!’ afternoon.  What a wonderful way to end a fantastic year for the pupils of Redgrave and Kingsley classes.  We hope you enjoyed yourselves and thank you once again for your continued support.  Have a great summer!

Year 1 Mosque Visit

Kingsley Bristol Aquarium Trip

Redgrave and Kingsley Welly Walk

Kingsley Science

Today, Redgrave and Kingsley launched their new topic 'At the Seaside.' We used our senses to imagine that we were at the beach. We took our socks and shoes off and then we splashed in water, walked on some pebbles and walked across some soft sand. We did this whilst listening to the waves from the sea and listening to some seagulls. We then ate an ice pop to finish this experience.


Redgrave and Kingsley finished their 'Dinosaur Planet' topic today with a wonderful celebration afternoon with our adults. As we couldn't get a dinosaur into school, Kris from Tropical Discovery brought lots of different reptiles and insects in for us to see. We were very brave and took lots of risks. Thank you to Kris and to the PTA for funding this amazing learning opportunity.

Reception PE - We have been developing our skills over the past few weeks, dribbling balls with our feet, bats and hockey sticks and learning how to pass accurately.  In addition to this we have also been learning what it takes to work as a team.

Kingsley DT

Redgrave and Kingsley Welly Walk

Year 1 Science Day

Kingsley and Nightingale Y1 Mathematics

Kingsley Stay and Play

Kingsley Geography

Kingsley Y1 PE

Redgrave and Kingsley arrived to school this morning and saw that Ravel classroom was ransacked. We think that a dinosaur has visited our school because they left huge footprints leading out of the door. We also think that the dinosaur might be a Tyrannosaurs Rex. We cannot wait to learn more about our topic 'Dinosaur Planet.' 

Kingsley English

Redgrave and Kingsley hosted a Fairy Tale ball this afternoon. We invited our parents and performed a dance for them. We were also visited by King Whitewick and Queen White. They looked for the best dressed princesses and princes. They also looked for the best dancers at the ball.

The Reception children had a fantastic time yesterday at Trowbridge Museum.  We learnt about medieval life through playing games, dressing up, making shields and looking at castles.  A super morning for our first school trip with a few tired legs on the way home!

Kingsłey Museum Trip

Year 1 Science

Redgrave and Kingsley's welly walk

Kingsley and Nightingale Y1 Science

Redgrave and Kingsley Christmas Party

Kingsley Christmas Tree

Thank you to all Parents, Carers and Grand Parents who came along to our Stay and Play last week.  We love having you to share our learning with and hope you enjoyed it too.  Here are some more special moments from our afternoon.

Kingsley and Redgrave Stay and Play

This morning the Reception children opened a very special parcel dropped off by one of our Parents.  Inside was a beautiful fairy house, with a door, windows and a roof.  Attached to the roof was a letter addressed to the children, who were very excited to see what it might say.  Inside was a letter from our fairy friends Luna, Fawn, Vidia and Rosetta who said they are watching to see the wonderfu learning the children do and how well they tidy the classroom.  All of the children were shocked and excited to think that at night when they have gone home the fairies come out to have a look around the classroom.  Our new fairy house is placed by our topic board and we are keeping a close eye on it just in case . . . You never know what we might see . . .

Kingsley Topic

Here are the links to the songs your child is learning for this year's nativity play 'A Gift'. The words have been sent home so you can sing them around the house! If you need copies of the words, please come in and ask.

Kingsley and Redgrave Topic Launch

Kingsley and Redgrave Mini Me Olympics

Kingsley and Nightingale Science

Kingsley PE

Kingsley DT

Reception enjoyed exploring small apparatus in P.E.  They experimented with different ways of moving from jumping to slithering and practised their balancing, supporting one another superbly.

Year 1 Science

Redgrave and Kingsley Scooter and Bike Races

Year 1 Science

Reception used the glow and show kit to demonstrate how contaminants and germs can be easily spread through the environment if hand washing is not carried out or carried out poorly. 

Kingsley and Redgrave Welly Walk

Kingsley and Nightingale year 1 Science

Kingsley and Redgrave Coaching Session

A huge thank you to all the Parents/Carers who attended our first Stay and Play of the year on Friday.  The children loved sharing their learning with you and your time with us was greatly appreciated.  A great success and we hope to welcome you back in Block 2!

The reception children have settled into Holbrook brilliantly!  They have been exploring numbers, shape, mark making and learning new sounds in Phonics. 

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