Nightingale Class

Nightingale Class is taught by Miss Smith.

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Darwin and Nightingale's trip to the Weymouth!

Yesterday we went on a trip to Weymouth beach and Sea Life Centre. We went to the sea life centre first and saw lots of creatures, our favourites were the seahorses, hermit crabs, clown fishes, sharks, penguins and rays! We found out lots of facts including...
- When Seahorses have babies it is the Daddy who looks after the eggs and hatches them
- Sea turtles can hold their breath for 5 hours 
- Clownfish aren't very confident swimmers so they like to stay close to home
- Sharks need their top fun to be able to swim 
- Anenomes protect clownfish by stinging other creatures who come near them

We then went to Weymouth beach and ate our lunch on the beach, it was a beautiful day to be on the beach! 
We also did some beach combing and found lots of things including shells, coral, stones and charcoal. 
When we finished lunch we made sure we took all our rubbish away as we want to help keep beaches clean and free of litter. 

We we went back to the sea life centre for a last wander round and to buy some souvenirs from the gift shop and then it was time to go home. 
What a busy but exciting day and a wonderful end to our topic!
Thank you to everyone who made it possible, especially the wonderful parent volunteers and staff who came with us. 

Y1 Kingsley and Nightingale RE

Kingsley and Nightingale Y1 Science

To kick off our Wriggle and Crawl topic we had a visit from Tropical Discovery. Kris brought in a range of mini beasts including cockroaches, millipedes and even a scorpion! He also showed us some of the predators that eat mini beasts including a bearded dragon lizard and a very long snake. We were very brave when handling the mini beasts and had to make sure we were quiet so we didn't scare them. What an exciting start to the topic!

In mixed Darwin and Nightingale groups, we had a Samba band workshop. In this workshop, we learnt the names of different types of drums. We then tried being a Samba band. To do this, one of us acted as the Leader. The leader would shout "copy" and then tap a rhythm for the others to tap back. We also did 'Call and Response' rhythms in which the leader taps one rhythm and everyone else taps a different rhythm back. We had to listen to each other and work as a team. Check out Nightingale's page to find out what the other group got up to!

In mixed Darwin and Nightingale groups, we made our own samba shakers! We did this step by step using the instructions above and managed to create a range of shakers that each sounded and looked different. We will be using the shakers to create some Samba music for our carnival this term. Check out Darwin's page to find out what the other group got up to!

To finish our topic, Nightingale and Darwin worked together in mixed groups to make model castles using boxes and junk modelling items they had brought in. We really enjoyed it and our castles looked fantastic!

Nightingale Class had a super afternoon tea party this week to launch this term's topic, Bright LIghts, Big City.  As part of this, they prepared cucumber sandwiches, scones, biscuits and cupcakes.

They also hung bunting and coloured in their own Union Jacks. The children were very excited, especially when the Queen arrived!  What an amazing start to the topic this term!

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