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Redgrave are taught by Miss Bradshaw

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Redgrave and Kingsley Rio Carnival

Martial Arts - Congratulations to all the children in Redgrave who passed their grading and received their first belt.  Some children also received special awards for their skills.

Stay and Play - Thank you to all the Parents and Carers who joined us for our final Stay and Play of the year.  Your continuous support has made this year such a success and we cannot thank you enough.

Redgrave and Kingsley had a fantastic time on their school trip to @Bristol.  Thank you to all the parents who took the time to accompany us, we could not have done it without you.

Kingsley and Redgrave Welly Walk

The children are thoroughly enjoying their martial arts sessions and are making fantastic progress.  The hall looked as though it had been transformed into the set of a Star Wars film with all of those light sabres!

Thank you to all of the parents/carers  who attended Stay and play last term.  'Dinosaur Planet' was an exciting topic loved by all of the children and we are so glad we got to share our learning with you.


Redgrave said a sad goodbye to the chicks we had all helped look after. It was a fantastic learning experience to observe them grow in such a short space of time.  Luckily last Friday we had something to cheer us up, a visit from Dexter's 6 month old Tortoises Topsy and Pelé.  We had a great time asking Dexter's Mummy lots of questions including what they eat, how big they will grow and where they are kept.  A big thank you to Dexter and his Mummy for this exciting opportunity.

This term it is Redgraves's turn to learn Martial Arts.  All children have thoroughly enjoyed their lessons so far and have demonstrated great self control and discipline learning new skills.

Redgrave loved having the chicks for a visit! Each child took it in turns to stroke and then hold a chick. We were so quiet that some of the chicks began to fall asleep in our hands!

Dino Disaster!
Yesterday morning Mrs Farr walked in to find Ravel classroom in such a mess.  There were tables and chairs overturned, a hole in the roof and some rather large and very peculiar looking footprints. Redgrave and Kingsley children decided to investigate!  They children came up with some very interesting theories about what could have happened.

FS2 children enjoy their hot cross buns!

Thank you once again to all Parents and Carers who attended our Stay and play on Monday.  It was lovely to see you and share our learning.

Redgrave and Kingsley Reception children have enjoyed celebrating Easter by making Easter baskets and chocolate cornflake nests!

Redgrave class had a special delivery on Monday afternoon. We now have 5 extra wriggly class members! As we have been learning all about the life cycle of a butterfly we cannot wait to observe the process of our caterpillars turning into beautiful Painted Lady butterflies.

Welly Walk - Redgrave and Kingsley children had a fantastic afternoon on their Welly Walk.  A huge thank you to the Parents/Carers who joined us on our shape hunt, without you this would not have been possible!

Size ordering - What better way to spend a sunny Friday morning!  The children in FS2 worked in partners to size order their drawings.  They were able to point out which was the smallest, tallest and longest and explain their thinking.

The FS2 children in Redgrave and Kingsley have been demonstrating great physical development by exploring the apparatus in P.E.

Thank you to all the Parents/Carers who came to the February Stay and play. The children thoroughly enjoyed sharing their learning with you and we hope to see you again this month for our next session on the 21st March.

Redgrave and Kingsley Topic

Kingsley and Redgrave Enchanted Woodland Walk

Redgrave and Kingsley go on a bear hunt for their Welly Walk this term. 

Redgrave make transport biscuits Mary Berry would be proud of!

Kingsley and Redgrave Welly Walk

Kingsley and Redgrave Book Fair

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