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Redgrave are taught by Miss Bradshaw

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Kingsley and Redgrave Pet Show

Last week we all planted a sunflower seed.  We discussed what a plant needs to grow and how to write instructions.  The following day, we all sat down to write our instructions as a whole class in preparation for our learning in Year 1.

Thank you to all the Parents/Carers who came to our final Stay and Play of the year last week.  It was lovely to see so many of you and the children really enjoyed sharing their learning.  Your support is very much appreciated and we could not run these events without you, so thank you once again.

Transition has begun and the children of Rainbow Early Years are enjoying their weekly visits to Holbrook.

Redgrave and Kingsley enjoyed a visit from Honey the hamster.  The children asked Basma lots of questions about how she looks after her and what Honey enjoys doing.  A big thank you to Basma for kindly offering to bring Honey in as part of our topic.

Kingsley and Redgrave Topic

Redgrave and Kingsley Longleat trip

Redgrave continue to enjoy their learning in Martial Arts.

Redgrave had a fantastic time in their first Martial Arts lesson and are looking forward to learning more next Monday afternoon.

Redgrave and Kingsley Topic

The Reception children enjoyed their first P.E lesson out on the field this morning.  We worked in teams to complete a relay course and cheered on our fellow team mates.

Stay and play
Thank you to all the Parents/Carers  who attended our stay and Play for Block 3.  Both staff and children appreciate your attendance and love to share our learning with you.  Look out for our next Stay and Play date which will be located on our next block/topic letter.

Superhero fun!
BOOM! POW! WHAM! We are having great fun in our learning based around our current topic, Superheros.  As you can see, we have made 'Super Veg' which links to our topic story 'Supertato' by Sue Hendra.  We have enjoyed making our own small world city to support our imaginative play and have worked in groups to create our own Superheros. Can you spot 'Frogman' who always stays on green and splurges slime from his hands? Our writing table in the Avengers role play area has been popular, with the children producing some amazing independent writing about their favourite superheroes including onomatoeic words.

During the last week of term we learnt all about Easter.  We talked about the Easter story and how Christians celebrate Jesus coming back to life.  We learnt that our chocolate Easter eggs symbolise new life and linked this to Springtime.  We thought about the way we celebrate festivals and traditions in our family and how these are sometimes similar and also sometimes different others.  At the end of our lesson we tried hot cross buns and the children learnt how the cross reminds Christians of Jesus at this special time of year.  Some of us loved them and others not so much!

As part of our superhero topic, Kingsley and Redgrave classes found vegetables from the story of "Supertato." They were in distress and needed help. We think that he evil pea has made them all sad and in need of some help. We hope that Supertato will come to save the day.

This morning we had a visit from a super scientist called Josh. He conducted lots of cool experiments using dry ice. We asked lots of questions and learnt that dry ice is extremely cold carbon dioxide. Later we conducted some of our own experiments using everyday ingredients.

Kingsley and Redgrave Welly Walk

Redgrave and Kingsley had a visit from Paramedics Paul and Fred from Wiltshire Air Ambulance this morning. They answered all of our questions and even taught us how to put somebody in the recovery position. We then used all of the coins we had brought in to make a H for helipad. The children had great fun and we managed to raise £50.35 which will go towards their new air base. Thank you for all of your donations. An excellent morning for a worthy cause!

Reception children had to become police officers and investigate a crime on Tuesday morning. The children came in to find rather a mess and some footprints. They worked out Taylor the T-Rex was missing along with a box of toy cars! Many of the children hoped Taylor was OK and not in danger. The Reception police worked hard to problem solve and work out who the theif was. The footprints left were smaller than an adult and the children took their finger prints to support their line of enquiry. Most children came to the conclusion it was indeed Father Christmas who needed toys to give to children for Christmas. The small footprints were that of an elf. Will we ever find the culprit . . . the case remains open!

Miss Bradshaw's puppet friends came to visit on Tuesday afternoon to teach the children about diversity. We talked about how all of the puppets looked different, from the colour of their skin, their clothes, eye colour and hair. We learnt that it's good to be different but we are all the same on the inside. We then read the story 'Amazing Grace'. Grace longs to play Peter Pan in a pantomime but is told by a friend she cannot because of the colour of her skin. Grace puts on an amazing performance as Peter Pan, proving that you can be anybody you want to be irrespective of what you may look like.

Redgrave and Kingsley PCSO Visit


Following our visit last week from the Fire Brigade, the children have been using their balance, coordination, strength and flexibility to become Real-life Superheroes.

Air Ambulance

On Monday we were lucky enough to receive a visit from Jemma who works for Wiltshire Air Ambulance. She told us about how the air ambulance helps people in an emergency and talked about some of the patients they have rescued. Jemma brought along a flight helmet and uniform which were modelled beautifully by two of our pupils. Thank you once again to Jemma, the children really enjoyed the experience and asked some fantastic questions.

Pancake Day

Yesterday afternoon we celebrated Pancake Day by decorating a pancake each. The children enjoyed smothering their pancake in syrup, lemon juice and chocolate spread before selecting their toppings of blueberries, banana, marshmallows and raisins. We had all kinds of designs from dots, to smiley faces. It was rather evident around many mouths how much the children enjoyed their pancakes!

The children of Redgrave and Kingsley had a fantastic time sharing Block 2's learning with their adults.  Thank you to everyone who managed to attend and make this possible.

A big thank you to all the Parents/Carers who were able to attend last weeks Stay and Play. It was a pleasure to witness how much the children appreciated the time you spend with them.

We definitely had that festive Friday feeling in Redgrave last week.  The children were excited to put up the Christmas tree and adorn it with tinsel and baubles.  We kicked off the festivities with a bit of dancing to get us motivated and then continued to listen to Christmas songs to keep our spirits high.  We are very proud of our tree and Miss Bradshaw and Mrs Farr haven't moved one bauble . . . Yet!

Redgrave and Kingsley had a lovely walk to Trowbridge Library this afternoon.  We enjoyed several stories read to us by Tracey and were able to collect more stamps on our cards contributing towards our reading challenge.  Remember, the end of November is fast approaching.  If your child has any completed cards please return them swiftly to their class teacher.

A big thank you to Emily and Buster from Dogs Trust for visiting Redgave class on Wednesday.  The children enjoyed learning all about how to look after and approach dogs safely.  Buster the artificial dog was very well behaved when being fed, stroked, brushed and checked over by our very own class vet.

Kingsley and Redgrave Winter Wonderland topic

Jack Frost visited Redgrave and Kingsley to help launch their new Winter Wonderland topic. He told us a story and spoke about what he does. He also gave us some jewels.

Redgrave and Kingsley class invited their parents into class. We thought of ideas of what we could make in our cafe. We decided to make banana splits and biscuits. Our parents helped us to make these. Thank you to all parents that came along to this afternoon. We had great fun! Keep a look out for our Block 2 parents afternoon date.

Redgrave and Kingsley had a visit from members of staff from Tesco Trowbridge. We learnt about different foods and also tried different foods. It was great fun!

Thank you to all Parents and Carers who attended our first Stay and Play of the academic year.  The children thoroughly enjoyed sharing their learning with you and welcoming you into their classroom.  Our next Stay and Play date will be announced in our letter introducing our new topic for Block two. 

Redgrave had a fantastic time at the library today.  Our little legs walked a long way!  A big thank you to Tracey for making us feel so welcome and reading such funny stories to us.  We all had our library card stamped, including Hugo our school bear.  Don't forget to get your library card stamped every time you visit a Wiltshire library.

The children are enjoying their P.E lessons and are demonstrating great independence when changing.  We have halved the time it takes us already!

We are going to use our portraits alongside our name writing to make a wonderful display in Redgrave class.

Redgrave and Kingsley class went on our first Welly Walk of the academic year last Friday.  We had great fun exploring our school grounds and looking for signs of Autumn.  We worked in groups of three to tick off what we found on our Autumn checklist.  Everything collected is now available in our class to explore and extend our learning.

The children in Reception are settling well into school life.  Here is a taster of all the things they have been doing whilst familiarising themselves with their new environment.  

We have been reading the story 'Handa's Surprise' as part of our topic.  We taste tested the fruits Handa takes to her friend Akeyo to see if we liked them.  I think you can tell from some of our faces which were popular!

After taste testing the fruit, we explored food using the rest of our senses.  The children used their sense of smell, touch, sight and hearing to identify the foods.  This was great fun and the children made some accurate predictions as to what the mystery foods were.

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