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Somerville Class is taught by Mrs White.

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Year 3 and Year 4 Parent Evening Event 


Book week

Dream catchers

Science week

Romans Vs Celts Open Afternoon

Our new block is called 'I am Warrior!'  We have already had a wonderful first day with a Celtic warrrior who came to talk to us and helped us see what it was like 2000 year ago.  Take a look at the pictures.

Look at the wonderful cakesthat were made with many imaginative secret ingredients.  They were absolutely delicious - well, most of them were!  The judges and parents ddid an amzing job trying over 40 cakes!  It was a difficult choice to choose a winner but the decision was made.  Well done to all who took part.

We finished our first topic with a brilliant 'Secret Vegetable Bake Off' parent open afternoon

Week 9

Week 8
We visited Warleigh Lodge Farm.  What an amazing trip we had on the farm.

Week 7

Week 6
We have been studying our bones.  Look at some of our moving skeletons.  Spooky!!

Again some amazingyummy homework. 

Week 5.

Wow what another amazing week.  This week we have finished our chocolate wrapper design and made them.  A fantastic job done again by all.  Have a look and decide which one you would buy.

At the end of the week we wrote our own smoothie recipes and then tested them out. We had to make them using our own recipes as a guide. They were scrummy!

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Week 4
Another wonderful week in Year 3.  We have our two Communication Ambassadors who are already doing a sterling job at ensuring our grammar is perfect.  Well done you two.

In science this week we have been learning more about skeletons and what is inside different animals.  We got to look inside a fish and discovered where the different organs were and what they did.  Mrs White reckons she could smell fish for days!

Lastly, we have completed some more fantastic work in our home learning.  Here are just a few.

Week 3

What another fantastic week in Year 3.  This week we were visited by an author, Adrian Townsend, in assembly who told us all about how he writes in a shed!  He also asks ‘What if…?’ all the time which gives him ideas for his stories.  I wonder if any of Somerville class will try and write a ‘What if…?’ story?
In PE we have been finding out how fit we are and trying to beat our own scores in timed exercises.  We worked really hard to improve.  We all know that exercise is essential to help us stay healthy.

We had some visitor in on Monday who came to talk to us about Fairtrade and explain what it all means.  We have then written some fantastic letters about how we can become a Fairtrade school.  We had to use all our skills of persuasion.

Once again some fantastic Home Learning has come in.  Here are just a few examples.  Mrs White is looking forward to seeing more next week.

We held our vote for this Blocks Task Force.  They will be looking at improving playtimes and lunchtimes.  So if you have any great ideas let them know.

Welcome to Somerville class.  Our class name comes from the inspirational mathematician and scientist Mary Somerville.  You can find out more about her here…
or here

We are all really excited to be in Year 3.  Our class teacher is Mrs White and Miss Callan is our fantastic LSA.  They are both there to support our learning -  something that has started with yumminess this year!
We have written our Class Charter – the rules we as a class think are important.  Pop into class to have a look.  We signed it with our finger prints!!
Our topic for the first ten weeks this year is SCRUMDIDDLYUMPTIOUS and so far, it has been delicious.  In the first week we looked at our senses smelling different food smells, listening to sounds, looking at our fingerprints, playing feely games and tasting different chocolates, fruits and crisps.  We discovered that smell is very important in order to smell, our finger prints are all individual and that it is very hard to identify different things when we can just feel them. 

This week we have started learning about how leaflets are written and the journey of the chocolate bean to the chocolate bar.  We have discovered some really important facts about Fairtrade and how the farmers get a better deal if they are part of Fairtrade.  We have written some of our own leaflets about this.  Take a look at some.  We are very proud of them. 

We have also started to learn about healthy living, sorting Mrs White’s shopping!!

We then made our own healthy dinner plates.  Do you fancy eating any of them?  It made Mrs White very hungry!

In maths we have been learning about money money money.  It would be great to practise using money at home so we all become really confident with it.

Some of us have been doing some great homework.  Here are some of our food animals.  Can you guess the animals?

Next week we will have some visitors from Fairtrade – we are really looking forward to it.

Don’t forget to learn those times tables and read your books to get to the final destination at the end of the race track!!

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