Zephaniah Class

Zephaniah being put through their paces by Olympic athlete Ezekiel Ewulo.

This week we used a 'Bad Bugs' kit in Science to learn all about how people catch infectious diseases through the spreading of germs. We used glitterbug powder and lotion to show how germs transfer from one surface to another and viewed the traces using a UV light. We then saw how easy it was to pass it on to other people or to leave traces on surfaces. We talked about the importance of washing hands carefully as we all saw how hard it was to clean off! A really interesting experience.

Zephaniah is a Year 5 class taught by Miss Thackray. The other adults who work with us are Mrs James, Mrs Offiler and Mrs Naji. 

Yesterday afternoon, parents and carers came in to help us complete our gardening project, making bird feeders for the garden. We also shared topic books with them, thought about our Science topic 'Animals and their habitats' and completed a tricky Antarctic quiz!
A fantastic afternoon, thank you to everyone who came.

Today we went to the Bath Literature Festival to see Gillian Cross who wrote The Demon Headmaster. We heard her speak all about her inspiration for The Demon Headmaster, and about her new book featuring him, 'Total Control'. We also helped Gillian to come up with a brand new super villain and think of a plot involving them. Such an exciting trip!

This week we started learning about the Titanic as part of our 'Frozen Kingdom' topic. We learnt about one of the Titanic's most controversial figures- J Bruce Ismay and had a lively debate about to what extent he was to blame for the disaster. The 'Against' side won as they managed to convince others that there were many people to blame and he might have been a scapegoat. We also sketched pictures of him. Which do you think looks the most like him?

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