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Zephaniah is taught by Miss Flann.

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We learn Japanese at school. We decided that we wanted to find out more about the culture. We decided to visit Wagamamas so that we could learn about Japanese food. We learnt about lots of different vegetables and how to use chop sticks!

We have been working with children in Brunel class to write our own, original stories for children in Redgrave and Kingsley class. Earlier this term we had chicks and we used this as our inspiration for the stories. Once we finished writing them we read our stories to the parents who came and the younger children. We had a great afternoon!


As part of our topic based on Charles Darwin we have been looking after chicks for two weeks. We have watched them hatch and grow. It has been a fantastic experience! 

In English we have been working with Brunel class to create story books about chicks. When we have written and illustrated our books we will read the stories to the youngest children in our school. 

In Design Technology we have been working hard to design and make moving roller coaster rides. We have learnt about pulleys, leavers, gears and cams to help us create moving rides. We made a prototype first and then developed our design until we were happy with it.

In English we have been working with an English and Media studies teacher from John of Gaunt School. We spent time writing our own radio script based on the story of 'Odysseus and The One-Eyed Cyclops.' Then we used recording equipment to record our scripts. We had to think carefully about adding appropriate sound effects and narrating the story clearly.

This term our topic is all about Theme Parks. As part of our topic we decided to improve the lunchtime snacks that are available at these types of attractions. We decided that our snacks had to be tasty, nutritious and value for money. All of the snacks were also vegetarian so that they would appeal to everyone! We made a range of dishes including: Rainbow Couscous, Fruit salad and Cheese & Chive Pasta. It was all very tasty! 

In science we have been learning about Earth and Space. We wanted to find out more about craters so we carried out an ivestigation to see if the mass of an object caused a bigger crater. 
We had some very interesting results!

Zephaniah's Street Party

Zephaniah class and Brunel class decided to have a Street Party to celebrate the end of our topic about the Second World War. We throughly enjoyed organising this event in groups and carrying out research so that we could make the party as authentic as possible. In the morning, before our Street Party, we made sandwiches for everyone to eat. We invited members of our family to help us decorate cakes. The cakes had to be celebatory and link to the Second World War in some way. Mr Whitewick joined us at the Street Party and sang the National Anthem with us. He also judged which cakes he thought were decorated the best.  

We had a debate in our class about children being evacuated during the Second World War. Some children agreed that evacuating children was a positive thing to do because it kept them safe. However, some children disagreed with evacuating children to the countryside. After our debate we wrote persuasive pieces of writing based on our views

In zephaniah class we have been improving our gymnastics skills. During these lessons we think carefully about our posture, balancing and how to hold a pose. In this lesson we were considering how to link different positions together and sequence them. 

In Zephaniah class we have been learning to play a range of different sports during our PE lessons.
We are excited to be having lacrosse lessons again, we had some last year and thoroughly enjoyed them!
Now we are developing our skills throughout this term. 

Zephaniah open afternoon

Zephaniah school trip

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