Zephaniah Class

Zephaniah is a mixed Year 5 /  6 class taught by Miss Flann. The other adults who work with us are Mrs James, Mrs Offiler and Mrs Naji. 

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In Zephaniah Class we had a debate focusing on if it was right to open King Tutankhamun's tomb. Some children in this clip argued that we have learnt a lot from the excavation whereas other children thought that we didnt learn very much as the cause of King Tutankhamun's death is still unknown.

Year 6 pupils in Zephaniah class and Brunel class had the opportunity to work with the theatre production team after they performed the 'Railway Children' to us. Wed had a fantastic time because we were able to ask lots of questions. We also found out lots information about what happened behind the scenes!

Zephaniah and Brunel classes went to @Bristol as part of our topic. We had a fantastic time. We took part in a Chemistry workshop which involved using Bunsen Bruners and a range of substances. We learned about the Periodic Table and carried out some very exciting investigations! While we were there we explored the museum and tried everything!

We invited our parents into school for our Science Open Afternoon. We completed lots of different investigations that linked to our topic, Alchemy Island. We had a great time making slime; building towers using marshmallows and spaghetti; and solving problems for the residents living on Alchemy Island.

In Zephaniah class we have come to the end of our topic focusing on medieval history. Our final task was to work in small groups and to produce a piece of work that demonstrated how much we had learnt about The Black Death. We used our collaboration skills to help us find a solution to the task. 

We all went to the Library in Trowbridge to explore the different types of books that are available. We also got our loyalty cards stamped to try to help our class win the Chocolate Cake Party. We are having a whole school competition to see which class gets the most stamps on their loyalty cards. 

We have been learning about personification. We decided to personify The Plague and act out our ideas. Our ideas are going to help us a lot when we are describing The Plague. 

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