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Last week we went on a class trip to Wagamamas. We found out about the ingredients used in their cooking, tried lots of tasty juices and practised using chopsticks! We then got to try some of the delicious food from Wagamamas. Many thanks to the staff at Wagamamas for making it such a fantastic trip.

Today we LAUNCHED our topic 'Stargazers' by finding out about what it takes to be an astronaut. We discussed what we knew already and used different sources to find out more. Finally we experienced astronaut boot camp training for ourselves! We had to do a range of physical fitness activities- from planking, squats and crunches to yoga. Check out some of our amazing poses! Astronaut training continues this week so watch this space...

This week Zephaniah class had an exciting visit from the author of their class book- James Hemmington. We have loved reading his book ‘The Mystery of the Black Box’ so it was really exciting to get to ask him questions about the book. We found out about being an author and finding inspiration for stories. We then had a creative writing session where we planned stories in teams. There were prizes for the team who created the most original story and for the team who showed the best example of team work. What an exciting day all about a book we have really enjoyed and engaged with.

Zephaniah’s reaction to this book was best summaried by Venos, who said
“Sometimes, when Miss Thackray is reading it, I forget I’m in school and I feel like I’m lost in the story”.

Thank you so much to James Hemmington for visiting, and for writing such a great book!

On Thursday we enjoyed sharing the different art styles used by famous artists and attempting some of the techniques they used. Along with the parents who came in t join us we: painted in the style of Georgia O'Keefe and Monet, made sculptures out of clay in the style of Elizabeth Frink, painted glass in the style of local artist Bruce Monro, created Matisse style 'cut-out' pictures and even attempted painting with our feet like Peter Longstaffe. Such a lovely afternoon sharing, creating and learning. Thank you to all the parents who came in to join us!

We had an exciting start to our "Gallery Rebels" topic as we held our very own art exhibition opening! We were able to take on the role of art critics, wandering around the gallery critiquing the art as we enjoyed a nice cold drink. Later, we chose a favourite artwork to recreate by working collaboratively in a group using different tools and techniques.

Over the last few weeks we have been designing and making Anderson shelters. Each group made their shelter out of a different material and made predictions about how waterproof it would be. Today we tested them out to see how well they would hold up against the rain if they were real shelters. Which material do you think was the most waterproof? Keep an eye on our page for the results coming soon!

Today we went to the Mill Street Club to sing songs from World War 1 and World War too. The people at the club really enjoyed it and even joined in with some of the songs! Afterwards we chatted and made lots of new friends.

We have started planning our parent open afternoon- a VE Day street party. Zephaniah class are working in groups organising activities, decorations and entertainment for the event (please award yourself a gold star if you can work out what Neo and Evan are creating in this picture!) We hope lots of parents and carers will come and join us on Wednesday 7th February at 1.30pm to enjoy this with us.

On Friday Zephaniah class dressed up in Christmas themed clothes and brought on generous donations for the Storehouse Food Bank. The amount of food collected by he class, and by the whole school was amazing! Thank you so much for all the donations, they will make a real difference to people this Christmas. The children looked amazing in their Christmas clothes and had a great day.

Today we had a poetry performance competition in Zephaniah. After watching Benjamin Zephaniah's performance poetry so we could learn from his example, we practised a  war poem with our partner. We performed them first to our tables, who voted for a winner. We then had all the semi finalists up to perform their poem. The class then voted a winner. Watch the video below to see the winning performance by Lennie and Evan...

Yesterday Zephaniah class did some science experiments looking at irreversible changes of materials. We mixed vinegar with bicarbonate of soda and saw a balloon expand with gas called carbon dioxide. We also added vinegar to milk and it produced a solid called casein plastic. Casein plastic was used during 1900 to 1945 to make items such as combs and dominos. This was a great link to our current topic "A Child's War".

We started our new topic 'A Child's War' with an exciting research project to find out all about the war from different perspectives, including adults, children and animals who played different roles in the war. We also had a special visitor, Helen from The Dogs Trust to tell us all about the role played by dogs in World War 2. A really exciting start to the topic!

Today we wore odd socks to show support for Anti-Bullying week! We talked about how, just like the socks, we are all unique and different and how important it is to celebrate our differences and be kind to one another.

Today we went to the Odeon to see a film called Rock Dog.  This is part of the Into Film Festival which inspires children to become more engaged with films and film making.  After the film, Year 5 class did a film review of Rock Dog, here are some of their thoughts:

"It was similar to Harry Potter in that they both have magic in them."
- Oliver

"I liked the part where he met the famous cat because it was a happy time for Bodi, the main character."
- Leah

"The music in the film inspired me"
- Ellie

Zephaniah being put through their paces by Olympic athlete Ezekiel Ewulo.

This week we used a 'Bad Bugs' kit in Science to learn all about how people catch infectious diseases through the spreading of germs. We used glitterbug powder and lotion to show how germs transfer from one surface to another and viewed the traces using a UV light. We then saw how easy it was to pass it on to other people or to leave traces on surfaces. We talked about the importance of washing hands carefully as we all saw how hard it was to clean off! A really interesting experience.

Zephaniah is a Year 5 class taught by Miss Thackray. The other adults who work with us are Mrs James, Mrs Offiler and Mrs Naji. 

Yesterday afternoon, parents and carers came in to help us complete our gardening project, making bird feeders for the garden. We also shared topic books with them, thought about our Science topic 'Animals and their habitats' and completed a tricky Antarctic quiz!
A fantastic afternoon, thank you to everyone who came.

Today we went to the Bath Literature Festival to see Gillian Cross who wrote The Demon Headmaster. We heard her speak all about her inspiration for The Demon Headmaster, and about her new book featuring him, 'Total Control'. We also helped Gillian to come up with a brand new super villain and think of a plot involving them. Such an exciting trip!

This week we started learning about the Titanic as part of our 'Frozen Kingdom' topic. We learnt about one of the Titanic's most controversial figures- J Bruce Ismay and had a lively debate about to what extent he was to blame for the disaster. The 'Against' side won as they managed to convince others that there were many people to blame and he might have been a scapegoat. We also sketched pictures of him. Which do you think looks the most like him?

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