List of Staff

The Staff of Holbrook Primary School


Headteacher: Miss Vicki Liddell
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Rose Nunn
Assistant Headteacher: Miss Louise Gough
School Business Manager:   Miss M White
Pastoral Manager:    Mrs N Roberts
. .
Teaching Team       Miss N Blake
Miss G Bradshaw
Mrs N Rogers
Ms L Smith
Miss A Thackray
Mrs L White
Mrs Z Yeomans
Mr W Gifford
. .
Inclusion Manager(SENCO) :  Miss N Blake
Specialist Mr N Henshall (Martial Arts)
Leece Sensei (Japanese)
. .
Higher Level Teaching Assistants    Mrs K James
Miss J Callan
Emotional Literacy and Social Skills Assistant    Miss Y Fricker
Learning Support Assistants        Mrs L Lainchbury
Mrs T Naji

Mrs K Ward
Mrs E Shute
Mrs E Hacker
Mrs G Hewson
Mrs Gould-Smith
Mrs Ware
Mrs Brickell
Mrs Bridgwater
. .
Office Manager Mrs K Shearman
Clerical Assistant  Mrs V Bridgwater
Mid- day Supervisors    Mrs C Churchyard
Mrs J Hayne
Mrs A Lee
Mrs C Waterman
Cleaners    Mrs L Gill
Mrs A Lee
Mrs I Saghiri
Mrs K Robinson
Caretaker  Mr A Legg
Crossing Patrol  Mrs L Collins

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